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Agile HR Kick-Starter Week

The “Agile HR Kick-Starter Week” is a collaborative and iterative 5-day session for HR teams to lay the foundations for a successful Agile HR transformation in an engaging and impactful way. It combines training and team building while delivering business results.

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Our Approach – What We Will Do

The week is run in iterations and the members of the interdisciplinary HR team(s) work on a customized backlog – list of prioritized items – in an agile way. Each iteration has a planning part, value delivery cycles, stand-ups and are followed up by a review and retrospective session.

The first part of the Agile HR Kick-Starter week is dedicated to shaping a deeper understanding of Agile HR, establish a common vision and giving the team an identity and shared purpose.

The second part is targeted to help the HR team to create a targeted backlog and roadmap relevant to their journey as well as defining the collaboration model and working agreements to move forward.

Outcome – What You Will Get

Out of the Agile HR Kick-Starter week you will gain tools and skills to drive the agile transformation and apply the new way of working. You will be ready to co-create and co-deliver value in an iterative way.

We will establish a common set of values and principles to steer the future work of HR; and help you shape a resilient, yet agile team with a shared purpose and a strong identity. And we will map out a collaboration model and working agreements.

Together we will create a backlog and meaningful roadmap to provide more focus and ensure the items with the highest impact will be implemented.

Is it a fit for you?

We achieve amazing results with HR teams of around 5-9 people. We can bundle up to 5 teams into a session, but for full impact we like to limit the total number of participants to 50 per kick-starter.

The participants don’t need prior Agile knowledge, but it is an advantage if they have completed a training course (Agile HR Explorer or Practitioner) or have acquired at least some understanding of Agile (whitepapers, webinars, lightning talks).

The Agile HR kick-starter week is most beneficial for clients who will keep the momentum going and who will – after the session – continue to work (co-delivering value) in an agile way.

Ongoing coaching and consulting as well as regular check-ins are available.

Clients combined the Agile HR Kick-Starter Week with

Interested in bundling? We are happy to offer a full Agile HR kick-starter package.

Agile HR Kick-Starter Week Flyer
Agile HR Kick-Starter Our “Kick-Starter Week” is a collaborative and iterative 5-day session for HR teams to lay the foundations for a successful Agile HR transformation in an engaging and impactful way. It combines training and team building while delivering business results.


Agile HR Kick-Starter Week FAQ

  • How do I get started?

    Schedule a call with one of our experienced facilitators to discuss your ambition, timelines, and questions.

  • What does the whole engagement entail?

    If you are ready to move forward after the initial call, we will prepare an engagement brief for your approval. Once you give us the go-ahead we will collaborate to prepare the week (especially the backlog). We will then run the customized kick-starter on the agreed dates. Following the session, you will receive a journal, illustrating the week in pictures and video.

  • Are there any follow-up activities?

    As part of the package, we offer a check-in call about 2-4 weeks after the kick-starter week. But if you liked our approach and our way of collaboration and delivering value, you are most welcome to book us for additional consulting services like coaching sessions, strategic retrospectives, or the co-development of HR practices and solutions.

  • How long will it take to prepare for the Kick-Starter?

    From the time that you approve the engagement brief, the process of creating and approving the backlog and preparing the week usually takes about 2-4 weeks.

  • Who will conduct the kick-starter week?

    The kick-starter week will be prepared and run by one of our experienced consultants. All our facilitators are highly knowledgeable and engaging consultants with a proven track-record, expertise and discretion to create tremendous value for you and your organization.

  • When can we expect to see first results?

    We usually get eye-openers immediately, but we typically see a mindset shift on the second day and by the last day people feel like they have embraced a completely different HR world and by the end of the kick-starter they have a prioritized backlog with an actionable roadmap – and they are ready to drive the agile transformation.

  • What do I need to consider before booking a kick-starter?

    It is an intense week: We will cover a lot of ground and the participants will absorb a lot of new knowledge and techniques. It is most valuable for clients who are serious about the Agile HR transformation. The kick-starter will give you an enormous boost. It is then up to you to follow through and keep the momentum going. If your organization is not ready yet to make this substantial change, you may want to consider our “Agile HR Boot Camp” instead.

  • Can I bundle it with other services?

    Of course. If you like our approach and enjoy working with us, we are happy to discuss further collaboration. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

  • Will I get my money’s worth?

    Yes: We like to be measured on results and quality. The participants are trained in the new way of approaching HR and they become more experienced in Agile. They have the tools and skill set to drive the Agile HR transformation. And above all, they leave the week engaged, motivated and eager to be Agile HR champions. The next step is up to you: Keep the moment going and make it stick. We are happy to support you.

Interested in bundling? We are happy to offer a full kick-starter package.
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