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Talent Enablement

Talent Enablement is a contemporary approach to Talent Management in line with agile values, principles, and practices

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What is Talent Enablement?

Talent Enablement (TE) is when we help employees to reach their potential faster than they could on their own. It is based on the belief that if we help people develop and apply their strengths, skills, and interests, then they will provide high value to their team all the way to our end customers.

People Developers/Leaders engage in Talent Enablement by challenging, guiding, and coaching their employees along a personalized learning and growth journey.

Talent Enablement is a contemporary approach to Talent Management suitable for a more fast-paced, responsive, and adaptive work environment.

Why Do We Need a New Approach to Talent Management?

  • Definition of Talent is shifting from select high potentials to everyone is a talent
  • Increased need for faster learning, re- and upskilling
  • Demand for more personalized, flexible career paths
  • Necessity for more diverse, equitable, and inclusive talent framework
  • One-size-fits-all approach no longer works
  • Employees want to be in charge of their own learning and growth
  • Increasing pressure on talent pipeline
  • Incomplete understanding of talent pipeline
  • Need for more adaptive workforce planning
  • People Debt needs to be addressed
  • Building a strong People Runway
  • Increased pressure on People Leader
  • Current competency models are increasingly outdated and static
  • Talent Management is too reactive for agile organizations

What Is a Talent Enablement Guide (TEG)?

The Talent Enablement Guide (TEG) is a tool to help People Leaders bring Talent Development to the next level.

On an employee level, it provides a practical guide to support People Leaders in their ongoing efforts to challenge, guide, and drive employees in their learning and growth journey. In addition, the TEG helps them utilize different people/HR tools and techniques in a personalized yet stringent and aligned way.

On an organizational level, it sets the stage for a more profound understanding of the talent pipeline and how it measures against current and future business objectives. At the same time, it allows for more responsive and faster talent flow and mobility as well as more strategic and adaptive workforce planning and development.

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Benefits of A Talent Enablement Guide (TEG)?

A well-designed TEG helps agile organizations to:

  • Approach ‘Talent’ in a more holistic way that aligns with Agile values and ways of working
  • Personalize learning and growth experience
  • Engage in relentless development of people in a way that they constantly deliver significant value
  • Maximize the value of available (and future) people/HR tools and techniques
  • Increase the strength and quality of the talent pipeline
  • Gain overview of the strength and weaknesses of the current talent pipeline
  • Create transparency, alignment, and dialogue across all levels and units
  • Improve employee satisfaction and appreciation
  • Enrich learning and growth opportunities
  • Gain valuable insights into the dimensions and chances across talent cluster
  • Enable strategic and adaptive workforce planning and development
  • Ensure more robust talent scouting
  • Increase and accelerate talent flow and mobility
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How To Get There

  • Train HR and People Leaders in Agile People Development
  • Analyze Problem and Challenges
  • Create Epic Hypothesis Statement
  • Set up Interdisciplinary Team
  • Kick-off Initiative
  • Create Working Hypothesis
  • Co-Create and Co-Design TEG
  • Experiment and Learn
  • Finalize and (Soft-) Launch TEG
  • Continuously Innovate and Improve


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Consulting &

We can help you create a customized Talent Enablement Framework and co-design a practical Guide to match your ambitions and objectives.

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