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About JLS

We are a full-service transformation consultancy for HR and Business Agility. We work with organizations and institutions across all industries to make them more resilient, adaptive, and innovative – and future-proof them in the process.

Our clients leverage their potential by reinventing and repositioning HR in a way that significantly strengthens and energizes their workforce and organizations – leading to higher value, impact, and continued success.

Collaboration - About JLS

Who we are

About JLS – Founded in 2014, we provide consulting services for companies on their discovery and transformation journey towards HR and Business Agility. Our home is in the exhilarating city of New York, but our work takes us around the globe, and we work with a thriving international network of like-minded HR and Agile experts.

We are a team of dedicated and highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts with a proven track record in Lean-Agile and contemporary ways of working. Our consultants average over 20 years of combined experience, both as executives with P&L responsibility and as successful consultants and advisors. It provides us with an invaluable skill set to look at HR from a leadership, finance, and business, not just an HR, perspective.

Our cross-sector and international experience provides a knowledge base and fresh perspective that we draw upon for every engagement.
We put all of this in service of our clients and community because we believe in the importance and potential of HR as driver and accelerator of Business Agility.

Through our engagements we make a positive impact on our clients and their workforce. We are proud of our work. It is the kind of work that creates inspiring and engaging places of work for people to thrive and organizations to succeed in the newly emerging Human Economy.

We are a majority woman owned and led company. Experience more about JLS.

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Why we do what we do

There are many important players in an organization, but few have the kind of impact HR can have. HR is key in future-proofing an organization and setting it up for high performance and competitiveness.

This is only true if HR does its job right. Too many HR organizations and professionals have grown numb in the organizational pursuit for efficiency, cost management, legal, transactional processes, and a best-practice approach. It is time for HR to claim its role as key driver of business success.

Our work as executive advisors and transformation consultants reveals a key aspect of creating organizations fit to compete in an uncertain, volatile, and fast paced environment. Without the ability to create meaningful employee experiences in combination with building engaging, inspiring, and fun places of work that are in line with Lean-Agile values and principles, organizations can no longer thrive – and HR will have failed in its mission.

To succeed, HR must embrace the new realities and reinvent (and reposition) itself. (This is likely to include a name change to People Operations, Talent & Culture, People & Experience, or another suitable name).

And the impact is proven. Believing in people and building on their strength while scaling learning and collaboration will increase engagement, innovation, and adaptability – ultimately translating into high performance, customer value and business results.

At JLS, we strive every day to change the status quo by creating transparency and helping organizations realize and leverage the importance of Agility and People and advising them on their path to success.

It is wonderful to see, that more and more are joining the call to reinvent and reposition HR. Whether they call it Lean-Agile HR, People Ops, Future of Work, Disruptive HR, or HR 4.0, they all help to shape a bright future for HR.

What we can do for you

As full-service consultant, we offer solutions and services for every stage of your Agile HR discovery and transformation journey -no matter how big or small.

But no one company is the same and every journey is unique. That is why we offer a customizable, modular approach to match your specific ambitions and situation.

We help and guide you to find the type of service and level of support most beneficial for you – that can be anything from light touch coaching (a few mentoring hours a month) to a white glove service (a fully experienced Agile HR team to kick-start and lead the change, so that your team can learn and take over a running system after 12 months). We are also a SHRM Recertification Provider

JLS Agile HR Services Keynote

Keynotes & Inspiration Sessions

We share our knowledge, expertise, and passion for Agile HR with your audiences. They learn about ways in which exciting changes are already happening and we engage them through powerful, inspiring, and actionable keynote speeches.

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JLS Agile HR Services Comparative HR Agility Assessment

Comparative HR Agility Assessment

Determine your industry-based Comparative HR Agility Index through an online self-evaluation survey to assess your agility level across five key dimensions: culture, talent, engagement, performance, and foundation.

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Training & Certification Courses

Participate in one of our interactive, facilitator-led certification courses for HR professionals with an interest in Agile HR. We combine latest thinking with practical advice and exercises for a meaningful learning experience.

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JLS Agile HR Services Workshops Iteration Weeks

Workshops & Iteration Weeks

Reinvention requires collaboration, creativity, and ingenuity. We offer a series of modular and customizable sessions in form of collaborative, result-oriented workshops and iterations weeks to facilitate co-creation, innovation, and experimentation.

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JLS Agile HR Services Advisory and Coaching

Advisory & Coaching Services

We know a transformation is hardly ever straightforward. Our advisory and coaching services provide guidance and support to executives, leaders, coaches, and teams to improve on your various change initiatives.

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Transformation Consulting & Solutions

We have distinctive knowledge, techniques, and expertise to help you along every step of your Agile HR journey and help you accelerate your transformation accomplishments.

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Fabiola Eyholzer CEO Agile HR Executive Advisor
HR and Business Agility is our business and passion. We have proudly served the HR community since 2014 and we look forward to being your trusted partner on your discovery a transformation journey.

Fabiola Eyholzer, Co-Founder

Are we the right partner for you?

The relationship between you as a client and JLS as consultant is a vital one. We put our heart and soul into every engagement and if we work well together, we can help you elevate your game and access the next level of success. In our experience, this is key to be able to collaborate, challenge and leverage each other, so that we can co-create and co-deliver on our mutual ambitions.

None of our clients are numbers. We identify with our clients and everyone gets the highest level of attention, no matter the size of your company or the engagement. We invest in long-term sustainable client-consultant relationships and if you win, we win.

But we are not the right fit for everyone, and not everyone is a fit for us.
If you look for someone to give you the proverbial fig leave to cross ‘Agile’ off your list, we are not for you. We want results and transformative change that will have a significant contribution to your continued success.

And if you look for the biggest name in the HR consulting space, we are not it. But if you want a recognized thought leader with profound expertise and experience in the emerging field of Agile HR, we are the partner for you.

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Are we the right partner for you?

  • Deliver high value and results
  • Think outside the box and apply latest techniques
  • Work closely with you to understand your challenges and formulate a blueprint-based approach and solutions best for your organization
  • Translate your strategy into ensure effective and aligned execution
  • Offer you the level of support and service you deem most beneficial – that can be anything from light touch coaching (a few mentoring hours a month) to a white glove service (a fully experienced Agile HR team to kick-start and lead the change, so that your team can learn and take over a running system after 12 months)
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise to enable your organization
  • Approach HR not only from a people, but also a finance and business perspective

We choose our clients carefully. Our clients come from across the private, corporate, and social sector. They are different in size and industry and they are all unique in their own way.

But they share some common traits.
They are all:

  • Progressive and understand the time to act is now
  • Strong believers in the potential of their organization and willing to tap into the depths of unutilized talent and potential
  • Eager to explore the competitive strength of becoming more adaptive, resilient, and innovative across all units – but especially in their HR approach
  • Looking to tackle the type of challenges, that really matter, and that are not solved in an afternoon
  • Keen to learn and experiment and make the changes and hard choices necessary to make a difference and not just stick the ‘Agile’ label on a problem
  • Able to look beyond the obvious and are not afraid to get to the root cause of problems
  • Prepared to challenge themselves and the status quo
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How we got started

JLS was founded in 2014, but our story really started with our co-founder Fabiola Eyholzer in 2010.

At the time, Ms. Eyholzer was Partner at one of Europe’s leading HR consultancies and looking for a new leadership approach. This is when she discovered Agile and implemented Scrum with her career starters. It was such a mind-blowing success, that it opened her eyes to the incredible possibilities of Agile and its positive impact on HR. And even more importantly, it sparked her passion in bringing the two together.
You might say, JLS was born out of the need for a new leadership approach and Agile stepped up to the plate. And once you experience Agile, there is no way back.

In the early days of JLS, there was limited interest and knowledge on the side of HR. Even though Agile had been around for some time by then and was already labeled as the best kept management secret on the planet by Forbes magazine; it was still a new field for HR.

But we stayed persistent and due to hard work and innovation JLS and others put into introducing organizations and HR to Agile. The movement has since gained speed and impact.

Today, we work with some of the most fascinating and progressive companies across the globe and advise and guide them in their quest for HR and Business Agility. And we think it is the best job ever!

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Elevate Your Game

HR and Business Agility is not just our business, it is our passion. We are ready to co-create and accelerate your agile journey