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“I was blown away by how interactive a virtual course could be. JLS has put together an online experience that is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. Fabiola is so knowledgeable and passionate on the topic of Agile HR. This
was the most informative online course I’ve ever taken.”

– Justine Colston – Veoneer

Agile HR Training - Agile Product Management

Certified Agile HR Training

Our various Agile HR Training range from one to five days and are designed for People (HR) and/or Agile professionals with various roles in an Agile HR transformation.

Our trainers are knowledgeable Agile HR experts with in-depth practical experience. They will share latest thinking, practical advice, meaningful exercises and case studies through high interactions and state-of-the-art teaching and knowledge sharing techniques during our Agile HR Training.

The participants become part of a growing community of certified Agile HR contributors and get access to our toolkits and library.

SHRM Recertification Provider CP-SCP Seal 2020
JLS is a SHRM Recertification Provider
AHRL - Agile HR Learner

Agile HR Learner

The 4 hour “Agile HR Learner” certification course is designed for anyone with an interest in Lean-Agile HR. During the four-hour online session, attendees will get a glimpse into the new world of work and gain insights into modern Human Resources.

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AHRE - Agile HR Explorer

Agile HR Explorer

The 1 day “Agile HR Explorer” certificate course is designed for HR professionals who are interested in Lean-Agile. During the one-day course, attendees will explore the new world of work and HR and learn how and why Agile is instrumental in creating more stable, responsive, and successful organizations.

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AHRP - Agile HR Practitioner

Agile HR Practitioner

The 2 days “Agile HR Practitioner” certificate course is designed for HR professionals who are part of an Agile HR transformation and want to become more knowledgeable about the world of Lean-Agile. During the two-day course, attendees will experience Agile ways of working and gain a solid understanding of Lean-Agile and its impact on and potential for Human Resources.

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JLS Academy Certification Course 1 4 Agile HR Coach

Agile HR Coach

The 3 days “Agile HR Coach” certificate course is designed for Agile coaches and consultants who are supporting HR departments in their transformation. During the three-day course, attendees will discover the world of Human Resources and examine the difference and challenges of Agile4HR vs. HR4Agile. They will learn to speak the language of the customer (HR) and be enabled to utilize their agile expertise in an HR context and be successful in bringing HR Agility to life.

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JLS Academy Certification Course 1 5 Agile HR Bootcamp

Agile HR Bootcamp

The 4 days “Agile HR Bootcamp” is designed for Agile HR professionals who want to become leading agents for change and enable their enterprise to succeed in HR Agility. During the four-day course, attendees will examine the different aspects of Lean-Agile in an HR context. They will gain an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of an Agile HR expert, acquire new tools and skills and learn how to effectively lead the Agile HR transformation.

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JLS Academy Certification Course 1 6 Agile HR Trainer

Agile HR Trainer

The “Agile HR Trainer” certificate seminar is designed for Human Resources or Agile professionals with substantial experience in HR Agility, who are interested in teaching Lean | Agile HR.

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JLS Academy Masterclass Agile HR for People Developers

Agile HR for People Leaders Program

The 4 – 6 weeks certified “Agile HR for People Leaders” masterclass is designed for People Leaders, People Developers, and HR professionals who are responsible for People Leadership, People Development, and Talent Management.

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