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FAQ Agile HR Training & Certification Courses



  • What topics will be covered in the course?
  • What do I need to bring to the course?

    A workbook and other necessary training material will be provided to you. However, we recommend you bring some paper or a notebook and a pen with you.

  • Do you require any pre-course work?

    No, we don’t require any pre-course work. But feel free to visit our website and learn more about the course and browse our library.

  • What are the start and end times for the training?

    The courses usually start at 9am (9:00 hrs) and finish by 5pm (17:00 hrs) local time. But times may vary. Therefore, please check your course registration for exact times.

  • What is the dress code for training?

    Unless otherwise indicated, the dress code is business casual.

  • Where are public training sessions offered?

    Public training courses are held at various locations. For a full listing our dates and locations, please consult the Training Calendar page.

  • Can I choose a specific location or trainer?

    Each course has a specific location and trainer allocated. You can use the search function in the calendar to look for a specific location or trainer.

  • What do I have to do to bring one of your courses to my company?

    Please email us with the details of your request and we will work with you to make it happen.

  • Is an in-house course different than your public courses?

    The certification courses follow the same curriculum. The in-house course gives the participants the opportunity to collectively discuss and transfer learnings to their particular situation. We also offer bespoke courses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Do you offer online courses?

    Some of our certification courses are online courses. Our online courses combine facilitator-led virtual session with a series of self-study segments.

  • How large are the courses?

    The size of our classes will vary, but we typically have between 12 and 24 participants. Larger groups typically have two facilitators.

  • Do you offer private/on-site training sessions?

    Yes. Please email us with the details of your request and we will work with you to make it happen.

  • Can I become a partner and host one of your trainings?

    Please contact us if you are interested in joining an exclusive group of partners. We are looking forward to exploring partner options with you.

Bookings and Registration

  • How do I register for a course?

    Our training calendar has a full list of courses provided. Click on the registration button, found on the calendar or course page, to be guided through the registration process. Contact us if you have questions or concerns.

  • How expensive are your courses?

    Our course fees vary depending on location and course type. Please check the course page for pricing details.

  • Do you offer early bird prices?

    Yes, we offer super early bird and early bird prices. Please check the course pages for details.

  • Do I receive a discount for making a group or multiple bookings?

    Group rates are available for most of our courses. The rates depend on the course and the number of participants. Please contact us with your details and we will send you our group rates.

  • Do I pay before or after training and what are my payment options?

    Payment must accompany the registration form and be processed before the training takes place. We accept: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx.

  • My company wants me to pay via invoice rather than credit card. Is it possible?

    Yes, you can contact us if you need an invoice. Please note, your registration is not complete until we receive your payment.

  • The public training I am trying to register for is full. What should I do?

    Training registrations are processed on a first-come-first-served basis and our sessions can fill quickly. If the session you are requesting is full, you can add your name to the waiting list, and you will be notified should an opening become available. In the meantime, we strongly suggest registering for a secondary date.

  • I cannot find the course in my country/location. What should I do?

    Our course calendar is continually updated; we may be planning a course in your region. Please contact us and we will work with you to find a suitable alternative location or put you on our mailing list to be contacted when a course comes available.

  • When will I receive my joining instructions?

    You will typically receive a confirmation message within 24 hours. Please make sure to check your spam folder if need be.

  • Is there a deadline to register?

    No, but registration takes place on a first-come-first-served basis. We strongly recommend registering early.

  • Are your courses guaranteed to run?

    No. We require a minimum of participants to run a course. We will reach out to you in time should we need to make changes. If you are worried about booking a course, contact us and we can give you an indication as to the likelihood of the course taking place.

Transfers and Cancellations

  • What if I need to cancel or change my course?

    You have several options:

    • You can transfer to another date and/or location (free of charge)
    • You can transfer your registration to another participant (free of charge)
    • You can cancel (see cancellation policy)

    We recommend contacting us and we will work with you on a best solution.

  • I cannot attend the course. Can I transfer to a different date or location?

    You can transfer to another course date/location free of charge. Please note you can only switch the date and/or location, but not the course type. If you want to attend a different type of course, contact us and we will work with you on a suitable arrangement.

  • I cannot attend the course. Can I transfer to a different date or location?

    If you need to cancel, please contact us. There may be a fee to cancel. Please check our cancellation policy.

    You may also want to consider some other options like attending the course at a different date and/or location or transfer your registration to another participant.

  • What are the cancellation charges?

    Please check our cancellation policy.

    Please note some of our courses are offered through our elite partners. Their cancellation and transfer policy may differ from ours. Please check with the organizer of your course for details.

  • I cannot attend the course. Can I cancel?

    You can transfer to another course date/location free of charge. Please note you can only switch the date and/or location, but not the course type. If you want to attend a different type of course, contact us and we will work with you on a suitable arrangement.


  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes. To earn your certificate of completion you need to attend the course and pass an exam.

  • When will I receive my certificate?

    You will receive your certificate via email within 10 business days after the successful completion of the exam.

  • Who is the issuing body of the certificate?

    The certificate is issued by Just Leading Solutions LLC.

  • Will I receive a digital badge?

    Yes, you will receive a personal digital badge.

  • Can I earn SHRM recertification credits?

    Yes. We are an official SHRM recertification provider and you can earn professional development credits. Please check the relevant course page for the number of PDCs.

  • How long is my certification valid?

    Upon successful completion of the exam, your certification will be valid for 12 months. You will automatically receive an email with the recertification process prior to the expiration of your certificate.

  • How do I complete my recertification?

    Once the registration form and payment are received, participants will receive an email with links to training videos, documentation and the recertification exam.

  • How much time should I allocate for my recertification?

    We recommend allocating half a day to complete the recertification process. The recertification process includes training videos, documentation and a recertification exam. It is an entirely self-paced training that can be completed at the participant’s leisure.


  • Will there be an exam?

    Yes, there will be an exam.

  • How much time is allocated to complete my exam?

    You have 60 consecutive minutes to complete the online exam. Once you begin, the timer cannot be paused.

  • Can I receive extra time during my exam?

    The exam times have been set carefully and most participants will be able to complete the exam well within the given timeframe. Should you be worried about the time allowance for any specific reason like a learning disability, please contact us and we will work with you on a solution.

  • How many questions are in the exam?

    The exam has 24 questions.

  • What types of questions are used in the exam?

    We use a mix of ‘True/False’ and ‘Multiple Choice’  questions.

  • What languages are available for the exam?

    All exams are in English. We do not currently offer exams in any other language.

  • Is a practice exam included with my training?

    Not at this time.

  • Is it an open book exam?

    No. It is a closed book exam on an honorary basis.

  • What is the passing score?

    The passing score is set at 75% (18 out of 24 questions).

  • How do I register for the exam?

    You don’t need to register for the exam. You will receive a link to the exam platform with your course material.

  • When/how do I get my exam results?

    You will receive your “passed” or “fail” results within 1 business day upon completion of the exam.

  • How long do I have to take the exam?

    The exam must be taken within 30 days after completing the course.

  • Can I extend my course exam after it expires?

    Yes. You may purchase a four-week extension for your exam for US$ 50 each.

  • What happens if I don’t pass my certification exam?

    All participants are given 2 attempts (1 initial exam, 1 retake) at our certification exams. If the participant fails both attempts, they may purchase additional retake exams, or explore refresher training options.

  • How do you set the pass level?

    We use an unmodified Angoff score to set the pass level. The score was calculated by using a panel of experts to determine the difficulty of each exam question included in an assessment.

  • What happens if I fail my exam a second time?

    Each retake costs US$ 50 and extends your time by 4 weeks. You may purchase as many retakes as you need. You don’t have to wait a “blackout period” to purchase a retake but do keep in mind that it does take up to one business day for the retake to be activated in the system.

  • How do I book my exam re-sit if I fail?

    Once you purchase your re-take, you will receive a new link.

  • Are the costs for the exam included in the course fee?

    The initial exam and 1 retake are included in the course fee. However, extending the exam period and/or retaking the exam may be subject to additional fees.

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