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Agile HR Trainer

Agile HR Trainer

The “Agile HR Trainer” certificate seminar is designed for Human Resources or Agile professionals with substantial experience in HR Agility, who are interested in teaching Lean | Agile HR. If you are an Agile professional, we expect people interested in the Agile HR Trainer to have thought at least three Agile HR Explorer trainings with 12+ participants each and feedback higher than 4 via SAFe Studio.

This is a blended learning course. We combine self-studying, online components, and a five-day classroom part into a seminar designed to better prepare instructors with the skills and knowledge to deliver effective and engaging Agile HR training that facilitate business results.

Through experiential learning, candidates will enhance their own know-how and gain valuable techniques to become facilitators of learning. Successful candidates are certified to teach Agile HR course material to a global audience.

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