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Agile Performance Management

APM emphasizes accelerating rather than managing performance. It is a crucial element to sustain high-value creation and organizational success. APM is ideal for businesses operating in dynamic environments that require responsiveness and adaptability.

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Traditional Performance Management systems no longer deliver on their promise to instill high performance. They turned into over-engineered, administrative, and expensive processes under increasing pressure to change.

However, this is not surprising: Traditional Performance Management systems were created for a very different world: A world of stability and high task certainty. Unfortunately, most institutions and organizations no longer live in this world. Instead, they increasingly face a highly demanding and fast-changing environment that requires responsiveness and adaptability.

Enter Agile Performance Management (APM) – a revolutionary system designed for today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape.


APM takes on current challenges by leveraging core agile principles to support more frequent feedback, increased engagement, responsiveness, and adaptability, and focus on learning and growth. It is a way to (re-)optimize the system to accelerate performance for high responsiveness, growth, and continuous value delivery and shift to an Iterative Performance Flow.

APM is a continuous performance management approach crucial to constant and sustainable high-value creation and organizational success.

Our approach is optimized for Agile business units and organizations but is also effective for those with limited lean-agile practices or those who operate on a hybrid model.

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How Lean | Agile Enterprises Push the Reset Button on Performance Management


Our services in the field of Agile Performance Management typically include the following activities:

  • Assess the strengths and challenges of your current performance system
  • Analyze the potential of an APM for your business unit or organization
  • Sharpen and align the problem statement
  • Translate your ambition into a strong value statement (elevator pitch)
  • Align the definition of performance to the new world of work
  • Review and refine the purpose and intent of Performance Management systems
  • Introduce an iterative approach for optimal performance flow
  • Revise the link/interface between performance management and other HR instruments such as Comp & Ben and Learning & Development
  • Align performance cycles to optimal cadence
  • Improve goal setting practices
  • Adjust or remove employee appraisals and ratings
  • Translate the latest scientific knowledge into feedback and continuous improvement tools
  • Design and implement Agile Performance Management

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Traditional Performance Management systems are in deep crisis. Their industrial era approach is unable to meet the demands and thinking of 21st century people and organizations. Lean | Agile enterprises press the reset button and move from an administrative Performance Management process to a successful iterative performance flow.

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Blog Series

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How Lean | Agile Enterprises Push the Reset Button on Performance Management

Shift to an iterative, interactive process aligned with your optimal cadencend support to key players across the entire agile organization to work on their individual or group challenges.

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Blog Series

Read Part #2:
How Lean | Agile Enterprises Push the Reset Button on Performance Management

Set Inspiring & Meaningful Goals.
Share an understanding of vision, set inspiring goals and clarify expectations.

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Performance Acceleration FAQ

  • Why is Performance Management important?

    Effective performance management is vital for businesses, playing a pivotal role in aligning employees, resources, and systems with strategic objectives. This alignment is achieved through a blend of formal and informal processes, contributing to overall organizational success and growth.

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