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Agile HR Transformation

“Over the course of the next 20 years, more will change around the way we do our work than has happened in the last 2,000.”

Maurice Conti | Designer, Futurist, Innovator

Agile HR Transformation

Competing in a fast-moving, complex, and highly competitive environment is a challenge for any organization or institution – regardless of size or industry. Being adaptive and responsive in the face of constant change is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is a necessity. And HR, with the Agile HR Transformation, is the key to Business Agility.

We are committed to ensuring your success by taking on the biggest challenge of any agile organization: aligning HR and people practices to the new way of working. And the time for a fundamental change is now.

We have distinctive knowledge, expertise, and passion to guide you along every step of your Agile HR Transformation journey – no matter if you are already well advanced in your transformation or eagerly waiting in the wings.

Features Agile HR Transformation Solutions

Every discovery and transformation journey is unique; and your priorities may be different. We will help you identify and prioritize your initiatives. Here are some of the solutions we have been working on with our clients:

Talent Enablement Guide

Investing in personalized, high-impact learning and growth journeys for your employees is not just the right thing to do, but smart business. Our Talent Enablement Guide helps you leverage your HR tools and practices to accelerate people’s value contributions.

Performance Acceleration

Creating teams that will continuously deliver high value with speed, creativity, and innovation is key to organizational success. Our consultants help you accelerate the performance of your teams and units.
Agile HR Training

Compensation & Reward System

MBOs, annual performance appraisals, and individual incentives are relicts of another time. Self-organizing, collaborative teams require a compensation and reward system aligned with the way they co-delivery value and aligns with the new talent contract.

Agile HR Kick-Starter Week

Our Kick-Starter Week is a collaborative and iterative 5-day session for HR teams to lay the foundations for a successful Agile HR transformation in an engaging and impactful way. It combines training and team building while delivering business results.

Organizational Design

The right organizational structure is key for execution and continued success. Our consultants design organizations that are adaptive and resilient in the face of constant change.
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Adaptive Career & Workforce Planning

Life-long careers no longer exist, and hierarchical structures are dismantling down career ladders. We have the knowledge and techniques to ensure meaningful careers, talent mobility, and adaptive workforce planning.
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Transparent Salary Systems

Transparent salary systems have proven instrumental to higher employee satisfaction, equal pay, and retention efforts, but not every company feels comfortable with a highly transparent system. We help you to find the right level of transparency.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Workforce diversity substantially increases business success. Embracing diversity of thought means tackling anything from using inclusive language in your job ads to increase diversity in your candidate and talent pool and to removing unconscious biases in your HR and leadership approach.
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Embrace Agile HR

HR and Business Agility is not just our business, it is our passion. We are with you every step of the way.
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