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“Lean | Agile Will Affect the Financial Markets”


Fabiola Eyholzer, Chief Executive Officer of Just Leading Solutions in an interview with US-Chief Correspondent Manuel Koch for the “Nasdaq Report”. The interview was broadcasted for Deutsches Anleger-Fernsehen (DAF) from the Nasdaq Studio on Times Square, New York.

Forbes Magazine calls lean | agile the best kept secret in management. Fabiola Eyholzer of Just Leading Solutions believes, that “within the next two to three years all successful companies will be applying lean | agile principles in one way or another”. What exactly lies behind this business philosophy?

„Today we live in a fast moving business world, exposed to tough change and fierce competition. Lean | agile targets exactly those challenges” explains Eyholzer.

Thanks to lean and adaptable processes and work flows companies can become more “stable, flexible and innovative”. The implementation of lean | agile directly influences the corporate DNA: “The culture and mindset are transformed. After all, the way we conduct projects, approach new challenges and deal with client demands, must be rooted deeply”, explains Eyholzer.

“There must be a willingness, to go new ways. Sometimes organizations simply pick an isolated part of this method and firmly avoid changing anything else. This leads to a situation where they cannot exploit the full potential”.

According to Eyholzer the approach is promising, especially in markets strongly based on technology and knowledge.

“The first tangible results can already be experienced within two to four weeks. Returns on Investments for lean | agile are typically realized within the first year”.

Therefore, impacts on the financial markets are clearly visible.

“We see, that organizations, that successfully work according to these principles are clearly more successful that their competitors – from financial as well as a non-financial perspectives. This inevitably has an effect on share prices. Companies that cannot or are not willing to keep up, will find it very difficult to bridge the competitive gap.”

Eyholzer reveals more details in her conversation with US-Chief Correspondent Manuel Koch for the “Nasdaq Report” about how Agile will affect the Financial Markets.

(Editor: Torsten Hanft)

The article and video were published in German by DAF. The translation is provided by JLS.

Fabiola Eyholzer - CEO JLS - Agile will affect the Financial Markets
Fabiola Eyholzer – CEO JLS

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