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How Unconscious Bias Hurts Innovation | Women in Agile

Business Agility Conference Women in Agile Podcast Leslie and Fabiola BACON NYC 2019

Fabiola Eyholzer, Chief Executive Officer of Just Leading Solutions in an interview with SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse for “AgileAmped”. The interview was recorded at the 2019 Business Agility Conference in New York City.


On this Agile Amped Podcast, CEO Fabiola Eyholzer explores the deficit of women in leadership roles in the business world. Eyholzer articulates that while companies who have more women in top management exhibit greater innovation and higher profit margins, females comprise only 3% of new hires for leadership positions. Supporting the Agile principle of diversity of thought, Eyholzer provides guidance on more equitable hiring practices, which will lead to company innovation and success.
Hosted by SolutionsIQ/Accenture ‘s Leslie Morse at the Business Agility Conference in New York City.

(Editor: SolutionsIQ | AGILE AMPED | Mar-19-2019)

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