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The Wolfpack’s Way to HR Agility

The Wolfpack’s Way to HR Agility

Fabiola Eyholzer presents “The Wolfpack’s Way to HR Agility” on behalf of Marie Williams from NC State. The talk was recorded at the 2020 Business Agility Conference in New York City.

What is the “Wolfpack’s Way” to Business Agility?

Fabiola Eyholzer filled us in on behalf of Marie Williams, Associate Vice Chancellor for HR at NC State University.

According to Marie: “Our world needs big, bold ideas and deeds to match. NC State believes their strength comes from their people and they strive to think and do the extraordinary to overcome grand challenges.”

Fabiola shared the story of how the university’s Human Resources team started with humble beginnings and now leads the pack among higher education institutions for HR Agility.

The talk was recorded and published by the Business Agility Institute. 


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