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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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A new year is underway and with it comes another set of challenges. This post will look at the top 5 mistakes to avoid by Human Resources in order to set the course for success.

1.Underestimate the challenges of the digital age

The accelerating force of technology is irreversible and unstoppable. But digitalization is far more than bringing business transactions and services onto new IT platforms. It has far-reaching consequences on all facets of the organization – especially on HR and the way we inspire people.

2. Invest in one-size-fits all programs instead of consumerization of HR

Employees no longer look for a career, but an experience. Modern employees are learning workers who thrive on challenging work. But they also seek meaning and purpose along with appreciation and respect. They are intrinsically motived; they want to take responsibility and be actively involved. So, in order to innovate and contribute, they must be allowed to manage themselves with the necessary autonomy and empowerment. All of this shapes the new talent contract and embracing it, means a move from micro-management and command & control to inspiring leadership; but it also means recognizing the power shift that comes from accepting the drive of Agile people. That means one-size-fit all programs (like pre-defined career paths etc.) are no longer adequate. Instead employees look for experiences at work, the same way they expect them at home.

3. Master cost cutting & administrative efficiency as a substitute for excellence in talent interaction & value creation

In the age of disruption, organizations can no longer operate as they did. And reactive problem-solving and industrial age structures and practices are certainly not the solution. Your ability to thrive depends on your ability to adopt a digital mindset. A mindset that can translate the organizational and people challenges of a digital company. Agile businesses strive for excellence in their talent interaction and value creation in an interactive way.

4. Focus on retention over engagement

Passionate and dedicated people are highly engaged; and engagement has never been more imperative. Agile ways of working allow people to evolve through challenging work, powerful collaboration, constant reflections, continuous feedback, and relentless improvement – all deeply embedded into the workflow. Hence, the goal of Agile Enterprises is not to retain talents (i.e. holding them back), but to engage them and let them grow and thrive. By doing so, they develop a flourishing talent pool.

5. Run change management programs

Change is not a project, but a responsiveness that is deeply embedded into the work flow. Modern organizations are proactive and plan for the complex and the unknown. They inspire and empower people and create stimulating work environments. They support collaboration, creativeness and outside the box thinking and encourage resourcefulness and diversity. They are learning organizations, after all: Agile does not distinguish between learning and working: Working equals learning; and knowledge workers are learning workers.

Are you ready to hit the ground running?

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Fabiola Eyholzer (SPC, CSPO) is an expert and thought leader in Lean | Agile People Operations – the contemporary HR approach for the age of disruption. Fabiola is a seasoned Management Consultant and key players in various industries seek her expertise in Business Agility, Human Resources, Compensation & Performance Management, Operations & Processes, and Strategy.