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Fabiola Eyholzer, Board Executive Advisor at JLS, has been invited to Voices of the Future by Tariq Qureishy!

Fabiola Eyholzer Shares Expertise on Voices of the Future!

We are pleased to announce that Fabiola Eyholzer, JLS Board Executive Advisor, has recently been featured on the esteemed Voices of the Future podcast hosted by Tariq Qureishy.

In this insightful podcast episode, Fabiola Eyholzer Board Executive Advisor at JLS, a recognized expert in Agile HR, engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Tariq Qureshi. They explore the evolving landscape of organizations, with a particular emphasis on the pivotal role HR plays in adapting to the dynamics of today’s fast-paced world.

Listen to the Podcast: Voices of the Future – Episode with Fabiola Eyholzer.

Delving into key themes such as the impact of AI in organizations and offering valuable insights for HR leaders, this episode provides a nuanced perspective on navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

Learn more about Voices of the Future:

Fabiola’s participation in this podcast reflects her deep expertise in Agile HR and showcases JLS’s commitment to contributing valuable insights to the broader conversation about the future of work.

About Voices of the Future:

Voices of the Future, envisioned by Tariq Qureishy, is a compelling series that delves into conversations with influential thought leaders. These leaders actively contribute to shaping a future characterized by positivity, justice, sustainability, regeneration, and enlightenment.

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Listen to the podcast episode!


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