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Finally, People are HR Priority No 1

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Talent, knowledge and leadership is the currency for competitive advantages for innovative, attractive and thriving companies. They rely on their People Ops to expertly engage and energize talent. That (finally) makes people truly the highest priority for Human Resources. And HR embraces that mandate passionately, proudly striving for service excellence for their people, teams, and organization.

Lean | Agile People Operations Amplfiers
Lean | Agile People Operations Amplfiers

HR Priority 1 – Companies today are constantly pressured and challenged by rivals. Their competitiveness depends on their capacity to innovate and upgrade. Lean | agile enterprises understand and accept, that talented, knowledgeable, and engaged employees are that key advantage against the world’s best.

Therefore, they invest in people solutions with focus and dedication, and rely on their Human Resources to shape a winning workforce. In essence, their HR is truly focusing on people (a role that HR is unfortunately often not allowed to fully embrace in more traditional settings).

Lean | Agile People Ops is passionate about their mandate, and just as companies have to ensure service excellence for their customers, they strive for service excellence for their employees. They do it by embracing the fact, that employees are no longer looking for a career, but seek an experience instead.

In order to be able to create such a worthwhile experience, they first connect with their people to understand what inspires, drives and hinders them. So that they can translate it into appropriate tools and techniques that create unique and at the same time rewarding, exciting and empowering experiences.

In a lean | agile culture this means to bring inspiring people into a stimulating and interactive work environment. They connect their talents and bring them together to form self-organizing teams, led by collaborative leaders. These power teams work on meaningful and challenging tasks with the necessary resources and freedom and everyone understands the context and impact of what they do.

This makes People Ops a key influencer on the success of the organization, even though their impact is not immediately evident. But what is very apparent, is the high engagement of employees and the pure energy within the organization. And that really sets them apart, not only when it comes down to innovation power and performance, but also in regard to their employer branding, giving them a competitive edge in the war for customers and employees alike.

That is why HR is a force to be reckoned with. In lean | agile enterprises, HR has achieved what it so often strives for: the status of a strategic adviser, confidant and coach to the CEO. However, that role is not simply filled by one person, instead it is a team of key business leaders that trust and coach each other to bring the organization forward.

Regardless, People Ops has an active and valued part in that team. A role agile HR professionals live up to not because of their determination to be awarded the title of a confidant, but because people are their key priority and concern. They earn that status every day, because they understand, accept, and embrace their role as behind-the-scenes agility champion that contributes to the business success by skyrocketing the potential of their people, teams, and organization.

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